Monday, June 22, 2009

New Blogspot

Just in time for wedding fesitivities I have created a blogspot for details of our upcoming event! It's actually pretty boring at the moment but hopefully it will get more exciting as October 24th gets closer :)

With love,

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!!!!

Here are some pictures from Christmas. I spent a week in Weaverville and visited Banner Elk for a night. It's never enough time though.....Hope everyone is having a great Holiday Season and see you all in 2009!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

So engaging

It's official!!!! Kelvin and I are ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's been a whirlwind night/day so I haven't had a chance to call everyone yet and thought I would spread the news by blog. Here's the story....

Around 9:30 last night we went to my neighbors' apartment for some drinks. Around midnight we decided we were done drinking and headed back to my apartment to shut it down for the evening. Kelvin said he would take Bizzy out for his last pee and I headed to my bathroom to get ready for bed. I was just done brushing my teeth when Bizzy comes running in with a bullystick in his mouth and a box tied to his collar with red ribbon. By the time I realized what was happening Kelvin handed me a card. One side was from Bizzy telling me how much he wants Kelvin to be his daddy and asking if I would marry him. The other side was from Kelvin but the tears were flowing and although I read the sweet words all I could do was knod my head and hug Kelvin. It was WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This morning we got up early, walked Biz and headed to Clayton. Mom and Dad came by for a few minutes to congratulate us on their way back from a Christmas party in Wilimington. We spent the rest of today with Kelvin's parents and brother celebrating his dad's birthday and they welcomed me to the family. It is still a little surreal when I look down at my left hand and see a ring there. I almost feel like someone is going come ask for their ring back......weird I know but I've been waiting a long time for Mr. Right :) Kelvin and I also exchanged our Christmas gifts this evening and all is right with the world.

(Kelvin playing his new XBox 360. We may never talk again:)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Belated Halloween Post

Here are some fun pictures from Halloween....Bizzy in his Elvis "King Hound Dog" cape; Michael Meyers and the Witch; Me and Erin, and Me and Beth (Moulon Rouge Lady) at Aaron and Val's party.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

And.....we're back

Sorry about not posting lately. After working on the computer all day it is hard to set the laptop back up once I get to sit down at night.....but no more excuses. I'm here to blog! Here are the things that have been going on the past months:
September trip to Wrightsville Beach. I got to have a great weekend with the Archers and the Riggsbees. I got to meet lil JaiFaith who stole my heart immediately.

Kelvin's birthday celebration in Clayton. We had the yummiest eclair cake made by Kelvin's mom. Here is the birthday boy with Hayley (April and Dave's lil cutie pie).

Our first Carolina Hurricanes game.....Gotta love Rick Flair. Woo! Woo-w00-woo! Yes, you are looking at matching sweatshirts....

New hair....was hoping for a little more color drama but I like it :)

This past weekend Kelvin, Business, and I traveled to Glenville and Asheville to visit Mom and Dad. We went to a Western Carolina football game (see Kelvin's new hoodie) which was great up until the 3 quarter when they let Georgia Southern take over the 31 point lead they had. I shouldn't complain too much though because I expected a through ass whooping. So, since they only got beat by a touch down to a fairly good team I'll still say, "GOOOOOOO CATS!" That's a horrible picture of the lake from our house but that's all I got....not sure why but I think I was too busy relaxing :)

Couldn't help but snap this picture. This was our first chilly morning here in Raleigh and Bizzy was all curled up as I left for work. He made it EXTRA difficult to leave for work that morning to say the least.

Monday, September 15, 2008

So I feel weird about not having pictures to post

But, I will post anyway. I guess I feel like pictures make a blog a little more personal but I don't always remember to have my camera handy...oh well. So since my last blog JP and Melissa met Kelvin and I at Fratello's. Much better as far a food goes although a little on the pricier side. The bruchetta was delicious!!! Kelvin bought his first grill over Labor Day weekend and we tried out steaks and burgers. I think he will be an excellent grill master :) Maybe next we'll try fish or something a little more challenging...Last weekend we went to see Tropic Thunder. It was surprisingly funny and Robert Downey Jr stole the show in my opinion. I still couldn't help but think of him in 'Weird Science' yelling "I'm shitting in my pants!!!" with a bra on his head. Kelvin and I were 2 of 5 people laughing in the entire theater (at least 20 people total). One guy left the theater saying, "That's an hour and a half of my life that I can't get back." Who goes to a movie starring Jack Black and Ben Stiller and expects thought provoking scenes? It's a comedy for crying out loud! This past weekend Kelvin and I painted his kitchen. It was just an eggshell color and we painted it "Kiwi Kiss" a.k.a Sage. I think it looks good for being painted by amateurs. I would like to warn you that painters tape can be a real pain in the arse. When we removed the tape it sometimes took the paint with it! Frustrating! Next is the living room. We're painting it "Cracker Bits" which is a tan color. I think it will go well with the black leather furniture Kelvin has in his living room. Yes, black leather in his bachelor pad :)

Work has been yucky the past couple of weeks as I've made some blunders unintentionally and people were so very kind to make sure I know I'm an idiot....gotta love that. BUT, it's just my turn and hopfully after tomorrow work life will be better. My fingers are crossed as well as my toes.

Guess that's it for now. Will try to do better about pics for next time. XOXOXOX

Thursday, August 28, 2008

More stuff

I know. You're surprised....2 posts, 1 month. What can I say? Just trying to be a better blogger. So not a whole lot going on that is new. I am SO FREAKIN' excited that JP and Melissa are here and just down the road. Here are pics from our first restaurant trip. Trali is an Irish pub in Brier Creek. Food's not great but the beer was just right. That's what's important, right?

Next is just me, Business, and Kelvin hanging out. Just me and my boys :) Good times.....

FYI: This is Kelvin's favorite t-shirt. He is VERY proud of his "guns" and so he just HAD to have this one. "The cops just pulled me over for carrying these guns." It's a stick figure with little mounds on the arms. Cheesy but very fitting :) (Love you, Boo). Oh, I normally wouldn't post such a beautiful picture of myself obviously just waking up BUT look how cute Bizzy is. And with Kelvin too. I am very glad to be taking care of Business. What would I do without him??

Last but not least is my co-worker and friend Kelvin (yes, I know 2 Kelvins). Last Friday was his birthday and today we went out for lunch at Torrero's. This is their birthday ritual. A HUGE sombrero, flan, and whipped cream all over your face (he wouldn't let me get a pic of that!) Happy Birthday, Kelvin!!!!!!

News on my finger....It is still broken. I keep forgetting to take a picture but you get the gist. It's doing well I guess but I am REALLY getting tired of wearing the dumb splint and having to be so freakin careful when I have to change it. I have to place it flat on the bathroom counter top, on top of a hand towel so I can slide my hand across it to dry the underside, then clean and lotion it so that I can get the new one on. If I don't keep my finger flat on the counter top and let my finger droop then I have to start my 6-8 weeks of splint time over again....I actually had a nightmare last night that I let my finger droop. So, I just keep on keepin' on. It could be worse but I will say that is it annoying and I better be able to take this dumb thing off on October 1st. AND I better not have to have surgery....which means a pin in my finger. Ow-y.....Sorry for the rant. Hope everyone has a stellar Labor Day weekend. XOXOXO